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Malum is a specialist pest management business with an integrated approach at the heart of everything we do. This means that we look at the reasons why a pest is present and work to control the infestation by integrating several techniques. Pesticides do have a place in control, however it should never be the first option, and strict processes must be followed.

The team at Malum Integrated Pest Management are passionate about providing professional, effective, safe, and cost-efficient pest control solutions. We have many years’ experience in junior and senior roles of the industry. Having had the opportunity to work in every environment imaginable, and with all manner of pests, we know we can provide a service unrivalled by anyone. For commercial clients, we provide service guarantees tailored to your business and a premier service as standard.

Joe - The Founder and Director of Malum

The presence of a hawk or falcon quickly makes your area undesirable for pest birds, and quickly encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour away from your site. Malum can fly various birds of prey around your property, preventing birds such as pigeons and gulls from being a nuisance. Our falconry programmes are visual bird deterrents that have proven to be extremely effective, and each of them is fully guaranteed. For a free site inspection, give our helpful team a call today.

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