Controlling Pests in Commercial Environments in Hampshire

The discovery of pests in commercial premises can ruin the reputation of a business, especially if they are in the hotel or restaurant sector. To protect your business’ reputation and keep your premises clean, call Malum Integrated Pest Management. Based in Hampshire, our team are vastly experienced in commercial pest control. When you call us, we will visit your site and complete a free, no-obligation inspection to identify any pests and the source of the problem. Alongside this, we also provide pest awareness training for your staff, which will help them to recognise the signs of pests. Malum also delivers domestic pest control services.

Working to Meet Your Needs

Due to their behaviours, pests are not always noticed immediately by staff. It can be some time before an infestation is identified, and usually it's too late. Having an effective and regular pest management service in place will reduce business exposure and ensure ongoing compliance. Whatever your business, trust us to provide you with the very best integrated pest management service. Our experienced team provide ongoing, regular servicing or one-off visits completely tailored to your business needs. This includes complying with food manufacturing codes of practice, such as those used by Tesco™, M&S™, and the British Retail Consortium. For your peace of mind, we offer full service guarantees and provide unlimited callouts and follow-up visits as standard.

Pest Training for Your Staff

An effective method of counteracting pests is to make sure your staff are fully trained. Malum offers pest awareness training designed to educate operation staff on pest behaviours, what to look for, and the best practice if pests are found. By completing this training, your staff will have an improved knowledge and will be able to identify potential infestation before it becomes ingrained.

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