Ridding Your Home of Unwelcome Visitors in Hampshire

Pests have the potential to contaminate homes, spread disease, and damage products, foodstuffs, and property, which can result in fires and, in extreme circumstances, even death. When you discover that you have a pest problem, it is essential you take action to deal with it. At Malum Integrated Pest Management, in Hampshire, we work closely with homeowners to rid their property of pests. Rodent and insect control are the two most common measures we take in homes.

A Solution to Your Problem

Even the cleanest homes or business premises can be host to unwelcome visitors, but trying to get rid of them yourself can be costly and dangerous. To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your property, you’ll usually need to call in the pest control experts. Malum will provide you with a fast response and immediate and ongoing control of pests, whether you are dealing with bed bugs, wasps, mice, rats, or any other creature. Our team will assess your infestation and provide a tailored solution that is accompanied by a guarantee. For free advice and a free site inspection, call us today.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

  • Remove debris and vegetation away from the property line as this will deter rodent nesting and insects from entering your property.
  • Keep all rubbish bins clean and lids closed to prevent easy pest food sources.
  • Seal soffits and vents to deny pest ingress into wall cavities and roof space.
  • Check gaps around doors and pipework, and ensure wall-to-floor junctions are no greater than 6mm, otherwise a mouse could enter your home.
  • Ensure guttering is free flowing and terminating into a free-flowing drain.
  • Always keep rubbish in bins, never just outside in black bags.

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