Scaring off Nuisance Birds with Falcons and Hawks in Hampshire

In a small number of cases, even the widest range of bird proofing methods isn’t enough to deal with the problem. This is usually due to the size of the area involved, or if you have a listed building that is protected. An integrated approach is the best way to control any pest bird, and falconry can play a major part in this. At Malum Integrated Pest Management, in Hampshire, we use birds of prey as a visual bird deterrent.

Deterring Birds from Your Area

The presence of a hawk or falcon quickly makes your area undesirable for pest birds, and quickly encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour away from your site. Malum can fly various birds of prey around your property, preventing birds such as pigeons and gulls from being a nuisance. Our falconry programmes are visual bird deterrents that have proven to be extremely effective, and each of them is fully guaranteed. For a free site inspection, give our helpful team a call today.

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